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Krill is the last of his kind in a distant corner of the galaxy. Entrusted with the survival of his species, Krill carries with him an egg given to him by the Hive Mother herself. What will it hatch into when it’s born? A new hope for the rebirth of the Krath?

Mind of the Minotaur

Munch was supposed to be the warm-up boss. The weakest of seven brother Minotaurs, he’s the only one left after an attack by the Knights Courageous. Munch finds himself on an epic quest after he resolves to do everything within his power to free his brothers. 

Sandcastle Kids

A castle filled with knights and archers! James and Mary get more than they bargained for after building sandcastles at the beach in Sandy Shores, Maine. The brother and sister stumble across a magical bottle that transports them to a fantastic land of myth and lore.




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Don’t take our word for it  here’s what readers say:

What if a traditional foe was the good guy? This book is a complete 180 of other sci-fi stories involving man vs alien bugs. These “Lings” are the protagonists…I wanted MORE after reading it.


Goodreads Reviewer

Mind of the Minotaur: Tower Seed is an absolutely wonderful story…the author has managed to build an incredibly vivid and fascinating world, set up the main character motivations supremely and has without a doubt blown my expectations out of the water.

Mind of the Minotaur

Royal Road Reviewer

Love love these books! My grandkids already got these books when I came to visit and wanted me to read it to them again! It was exciting and suspenseful and they couldn’t wait until the next bedtime reading. I enjoyed it so much I ordered a set to give as a gift!

Sandcastle Kids

Amazon Reviewer

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Independent fantasy and science fiction author

I’m an an independent author from the greater NYC area.